The last time I blogged, I wrote about the uneasy feeling I had with trusting God for finances.  It is hard to trust at times, living in that tension between faith and reality.  I am a man of vision and dreams, and I must keep one foot anchored in budgets and cash.

But I never want to lose that sense of risk...trusting God when He calls me to step out.  If I only use reason, I'll never get out of the boat.  I will never bring a few loaves and fish to Jesus in ignorance, only to be amazed by his multiplication miracle.  I will never pray for the sick, sit with an addict, or celebrate a miracle.

Celebrating miracles make the risk worth it. 

Today we celebrate the two-year anniversary of Freedom Home.  The ministry started some months earlier, but two years ago today, we celebrated the official opening of the work.  I will sit with girls that came pretty shattered.

They were rejected by this world.
Their memories were etched with painless pictures.
Their future was non-existent. 

And God has rattled their lives, changed their futures, and given them life.

The risk is worth it all.  And we will still step out in faith, trusting God each month for the daily provision of Freedom Home.  In our year back in the U.S., we'll try and raise $1500/month is monthly support for Freedom Home.   We'll speak and raise prayer support for the home, covering it with prayer 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Because the celebration makes it worth it.  And I like celebrating.

[Signing off...and heading out the door to our celebration.]


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