I've had a lot on my mind as of late.  Different kinds of worries.  Different kinds of thoughts. 

I tend to try to work ahead in my mind all the things I need to do.  I've never needed anybody to add to my to-do list.  I keep that list building ahead of me constantly.

But more and more, those worries are turning into prayer requests.  I know that should be obvious, but I think that many times I've spent more time worrying that praying.  Maybe I shouldn't admit there, but even as a pastor, the leap from problem to worry was far quicker than the leap from problem to prayer.  And many times, even my prayer times were prayer-worry sessions!

It is funny how God keeps reminding me over and over of the need to pray.

We've been fighting the situation with the well-drilling rig, running into problem after problem.  This morning, as Don and Phil were heading out the office to drive down and work on it one more time, we prayed together.

Three hours later, I get the text, "It is working out."

Should we even be surprised?

But prayer isn't about "things working out."  It is about trusting God, laying those concerns at His feet.  Whether it works out or not is insignficant.  Living with the peace of God in the midst of the storm is what is important.

We need breakthroughs in people at Freedom Home.  Why worry?  Pray.
We need young people to step forward to become church planters. Worry?  No, pray.
We need need favor by a mayor for a church property dispute.  What to do?  Pray.

The challenges are there each and every day.  Perhaps our missions life even reveals bigger and more severe problems than the usual.  But our God is more than capable of granting us His peace in the midst of them all.


Nancy Black

Thanks for the post this morning. I tend to do the same thing. Blessings on you and Nancy and the girls as God puts you in the exact right place at the exact right time.

Guyla Armstrong

This is so appropriate for ALL of us, Andy. As usual, you hit right on the place where God is working in our lives. Thank you for the good thoughts!

John Coppes

Andy, What you write rings so true. Why is it that when we pray and the problem is erased that we are surprised? Good words today.

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