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IMG_0798 copyLast Sunday I had the privilege of sharing at Abundant Life Community Church in Alton, IL.  They did something this year that will turn out to be a huge blessing to Freedom Home in Moldova.

Their youth group bought a car.

Actually, they made a committment to raise money for Speed-the-Light, an A/G program that helps buy vehicles, sound systems, and other tools for missionaries.  And it is the youth that do the work.  It's their vision, their responsibility, and their way to GIVE.

This youth group raised over $25,000 to help buy a vehicle for Freedom Home, the aftercare home for Moldovan survivors of trafficking.  Incredible!

This is FAR beyond anything they had ever done, but with the vision of their youth pastor, Eric Hoffman, and a bunch of high level youth leaders, they somehow pulled it off.  They broke the old paradigm.  

It is interesting how often we have mental limits.  We think that we can only give $20 to a need.  Or that we are only capable of this one task or ministry.  Or that we can never read the Bible through in a year, or memorize a verse a week.  We think that believers can never tithe, never give to missions, never go on trips.  

We have these mental limits.  But faith is sometimes simply believing that those limits can be shattered.  And when we do, our entire perspective is changed.

What is the advantage of this youth group giving $25,000?  Well, it showed them that ridiculous dreams are possible.  That God blesses generosity.  That they can do incredible things.  That they can actually play a part in a Moldovan girl's healing.    That they have a purpose.

So I celebrate with these youth today.  And I wonder what paradigm's I need shattered?  What limits are you living with, barriers that need to be stretched and broken.  What are the big dreams out there for your church and your life?


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