The Day After Easter

The Monday after Easter is a holiday in Moldova.  Nearly everything is closed, and our girls are enjoying a couple days of spring break.  And after a full day yesterday, the day off sounds wonderful.

The activity of Easter is interesting.  Days are full of services, meals, and activity.  We had our morning service in our Moldovan church (a 3 hour service!), then a short lunch with our Moldova team, then we were off to the International Fellowship service.

Our day was typical of lot of people.  The celebrations of full of hidden eggs, chocolate bunnies, sunrise services, special music, and huge dinners.  And yes, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and all that it means to us now.

Yet I wonder if my activity missed the simpleness of meeting the risen Lord at the tomb, in the quietness of the moment, alone with the realization of what had happened.  I wonder if we stop and stare at the tomb, surprised and shocked by its emptiness.  I wonder if we take the time to be alone with music, no meals, no candy, no activity. 

Our Christ is risen.  Truly, truly...He is risen.

Our Lord lives among us.


My last e-letter was about the difference between blah-color and high-def.  Our Moldovan winters have been so gray that I was losing all inspiration to shoot photography!  Photography is the at its roots "the study of light."  We just haven't had much of that light over these last few weeks!

When blue skies peeked out last week, I called the girls outside and said, "Look!  What is that?"  They all went, "Huh?" 

"It's blue sky!  Don't you remember what it looks like?"  I replied.

I wonder if that will be our reaction when we arrive in heaven?

It is too late to follow this thought more, but tomorrow I want to write a little more about this idea, something that C.S. Lewis best described as living in the Shadowlands.  We live now in a place that is a pale representation of reality--God's heavenly world.

When did you first discover this idea?