I am stuck in Amsterdam, and will not make it in time for my sermon tomorrow.  As that airplane climbs, my hopes sink.  There aren't any more flights out today, and the church in Freeport can't move Sunday to another day of the week!

Stress would have filled my mind in the past, but I'm finding myself with a lot mroe peace now.  I'll eventually make it home.  Nancy can preach and share about Moldova.  And life will go on.

Another bump in the road, but we will eventually make it there.


It is amazing how a little fog can ruin the best-laid plans.  I was supposed to be arriving in Minneapolis already, but the joy of travel delays is today's reality.  Fog caused the Great Falls flight to be cancelled, and so I sit now in the airport, writing emails, blogs, and a pile of reports. 

I used to get stressed over a few delays, and if I wasn't able to get back today, I might have a little more anxiety.  But I am learning a few things, mostly patience.

Life is full of delays--bumps and hurdles.  How you react is the only part that determines your future.

Small World

We live in a small world.  I can meet people in the oddest places, at unknown times.

We are currently in Billings, Montana.  We spoke at New Life Church last night, and will speak again this morning.  While returning to our room from breakfast, we ran into someone from our old church in Harlowton.  The Bureece's happened to be in town to send their daughter back to college.

If it happened just once, I wouldn't be quite as amazed.  But it happens constantly.  I walk into a cafe in Minnesota, only to find friends from North Dakota that I had only seen two days earlier.  Wandering down the airport concourse in Minneapolis, we meet a friend that we've recently been emailing. 

I think that those coincidences are the benefits of itineration.  As a missionary, our organization has us travel to raise our monthly support and pledges.  The travel can occasionally be grueling, but the benefits are enormous.  We friends and supporters in every state, many countries, and hundreds of churches.  And we keep meeting them.

Look forward to crossing paths.