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Plowed Fields

Yesterday I saw a man plowing his field.  It was actually a man and two boys.  One man held the plow, another grabbed the horses harness and helped direct him, and the third whacked the horse on the rear end to keep him motivated!
I grew up either near or on a farm, so I understand something about plowing.  But we plowed with tractor and plow, not horse and plow.  We could plow through a field in a few hours.  They plowed through an single acre in hours.

It is still hard to break new ground in Moldova.  Hearts are crusted over.  Minds are resistant to the message of God's love.  Religiosity makes new church plants difficult, dependent on intensive prayer and loads of work.

Pray for Moldova this week: that the spiritual ground will be broken; that hearts will be turned to God; that the spiritual harvest may be great and plentiful!

He is Risen

Christ is Risen!
He is risen indeed!

April_2_2006_iasiungheni_150 That is the way people greet one another in Moldova for the next forty days.  On Easter morning, the way of greeting has changed, and we no longer say "good morning" or "good day," but "Hristos a inviat."  What a great way to remember why we are here--Jesus Christ.

But like so many things, it can simple turn into an empty phrase, devoid of any recognition of what lies beneath.  It is easy to do.  So often we repeat the name of God, not recognizing how significant that name is.

And while I don't want to return to the Jewish ways of NEVER saying the name of God, I don't ever want to say "Christ is risen" without understanding what it really means.

He is risen.  He is risen INDEED!  And that is the reason for living.



The team from Great Falls, Montana, may have been small in number, but they had a positive attitude to fill a team of a hundred.  They layed block, hung sheetrock, visited homes, preached in prison, touched kids, and helped in a multitude of ways.  The guys, another visitor (Phil) and I all enjoyed a moment of humor after hanging a ton of sheetrock. 

Each team brings blessing and receives blessing.  I pray that they were blessed, but I know they brought blessing.  Thanks for your labor!

Convoy of Hope

What a day!

On Saturday, we had an incredible Convoy of Hope outreach in Ungheni.  Pastor Gheorghe did an incrdedible job organizing the event, and had all kinds of volunteers and help from other churches and missions organizations.  April_8_2006_coh_079

It was a cold morning, not much above freezing.  Threatening rain did not deter over 300 people from waiting an hour before we started!  The promise of free groceries, free haircuts, music, and children's program and games was enough to bring people out to the activity.  And when all was said and done, over 1300 people came and saw God's love in action, heard the message of Christ's sacrifice and forgiveness, and left knowing of a church that loved them.
Pray for the church in Ungheni now, as they continue to minister to the people in their city.  They are still bringing food to people unable to leave their homes.  They are following up with the hundreds that responded to the invitation.  And they are building His church.