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Rip Van Winkle

It is kind of strange seeing people from the past.  For some reason, I don't feel like I am any older.  I still feel like I am stuck in a stage of perpetual youthfulness.  I don't know...perhaps I think I am stuck at 33.  That seems like a nice age.

I turn 40 in July, so I know I am far past the early 30's, but I definitely don't feel old.

So it is always interested to me (and sometimes shocking) to see people I haven't seem for a number of years.  Since returning from Moldova, we encounter people from our former churches, friends that we have known for years.  But some sure have changed!  Not all, but every once in awhile, I realize how many years we have been gone.

But I wonder, who thinks that way about me too?

Small World

We live in a small world.  I can meet people in the oddest places, at unknown times.

We are currently in Billings, Montana.  We spoke at New Life Church last night, and will speak again this morning.  While returning to our room from breakfast, we ran into someone from our old church in Harlowton.  The Bureece's happened to be in town to send their daughter back to college.

If it happened just once, I wouldn't be quite as amazed.  But it happens constantly.  I walk into a cafe in Minnesota, only to find friends from North Dakota that I had only seen two days earlier.  Wandering down the airport concourse in Minneapolis, we meet a friend that we've recently been emailing. 

I think that those coincidences are the benefits of itineration.  As a missionary, our organization has us travel to raise our monthly support and pledges.  The travel can occasionally be grueling, but the benefits are enormous.  We friends and supporters in every state, many countries, and hundreds of churches.  And we keep meeting them.

Look forward to crossing paths.

Why So Little Laughs?

I can't figure out what is wrong with my kids?  Where is their sense of humor?

This morning I decided to get Elissa and Natalie moving a little quicker, so I tossed them into the running shower.  The problem?  They were still wearing their pajamas.  Socks and underwear were soon soaked.

For some reason they didn't see the humor.

Instead they yelled how mean I was for doing that!  You would have thought I was torturing them for all the noise they made.  I didn't know that water could hurt so much.

But they will smile later.  In fact, I know they secretly thought it was funny. 

At least I hope so.

Wonderful Blessings

Today was a wonderful blessing.  In fact, the entire weekend was fantastic.

Sunday morning found us in Evangel Assembly, Bismarck, ND.  We were able to share about Moldova with a fantastic church, spend time with my brother and his family, and visit with a great pastor and wife.  They are definitely top-notch pastors.

On Sunday afternoon, Nancy and I drove to Minot, and it was a beautiful drive (no kidding).  I enjoy the rolling hills, potholes, and river bottoms of that area.  Then we spent time in another incredible church, Minot First Assembly.  Their pastor, Nathan Johnson, has a missions-minded church (and a great family). 

Then today I found out my suitcoat was poorly fitted, my dress sweater out of fashion, and that Nancy showed her caffeine-deprivation yesterday.  I came to those conclusions as I was blessed my Randy Hellman of Hellman Clothing (Bismarck).  I was overwhelmed by his generosity, and the new clothes that will actually fit me AND be in style.  The Starbucks gift card will quickly be enjoyed also!

So if you are looking for the best men's clothing, go buy something at Randy's store.  He has the best clothes I've ever worn, and he has the best taste of any salesman!

Thanks to all!  '