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"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil."
                                                                        --C.S. Lewis


I have a hard time journalling.  I have a great journal, but usually find myself doing it in an airplane.  My mind has too hard of a time trying to focus on it early in the morning. 

Yet I find that blogging is much easier for me.  I can journal online, via my computer, allowing my random thoughts to flow in directions that my pencil can't go.  When I blog, I can read my handwriting.  When I blog, I can back up and delete, add sentences, and through in a picture or two.

My thoughts now go to our need for prayer.  As we pack up our life, continue to travel, order and ship a container, finalize taxes, say goodbyes, and pack in our last memories in our mental suitcase, we could use your prayers.  I fly back to Moldova on Monday for six days.  I have services set up for two more months.

We can use your prayers.


Dsc_0060_2 I am leaving Montana with a little more depression this time.  Every time I say goodbye to a friend now, I am thinking that it might be for at least 4 or 5 years.  I hate to think that some goodbyes are permanent, but it is true.  I am so blessed with friends, some that are closer to family.  Bill and Mary McRae are almost family, and I hate to know that our hunting days are not going to be for a lot more years.


It is amazing how a little fog can ruin the best-laid plans.  I was supposed to be arriving in Minneapolis already, but the joy of travel delays is today's reality.  Fog caused the Great Falls flight to be cancelled, and so I sit now in the airport, writing emails, blogs, and a pile of reports. 

I used to get stressed over a few delays, and if I wasn't able to get back today, I might have a little more anxiety.  But I am learning a few things, mostly patience.

Life is full of delays--bumps and hurdles.  How you react is the only part that determines your future.


Last Friday, I was a part of a unique event.  Provision International hosted their first ever missions convention to raise money for missions.  Their keynote speaker?  John Ashcroft.

You can't start much bigger than that.

Dick Larsen is the founder of Provision.  He was one of my deacons when I pastored, and I took him on his first missions trip.  God got hold of him, and he ended up coming back and starting Provision.  It began with supplying medical equipment to needy hospitals in Eastern Europe.  Now they are involved in whatever fashion they can help.  Dsc_0205

It is laydriven, not "professional," and Dick loves doing in for the Lord.  They just want to be a support to the missions work around the world, helping the church.  And I support them wholeheartedly.

I am excited to see how Provision will be helping us out over the next few years.  The task is too great to think we can do it by ourselves.