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Crunch Time

We are hitting the crunch time.  We are supposed to be leaving in 9 weeks, heading home to Moldova.


I have to find and purchase a 40-foot container, figure out how and when to deliver it, where to store it for a few months, and when to ship it.  I have to attain 50 documents, i.e. transcripts, birth certificates, and get them stamped by 6 different levels of governments in order to get our living permits.  I have to take at least one trailer load of stuff to our storage shed at my parents, 2 1/2 hours away.  I have to pack our house and get it ready for shipping.  I have to itinerate, mail newsletters, raise funds, and call pastors.

And I need quality time with our girls.

There is no human way I can do all that I need to do.  I am definitely going to need to pray more, and wait in God's presence more this week.

I really can use You, God.


Dsc_0044 I have always said that I am back for the three R's: reporting, raising, and reconnecting.  After ten months, I think that I am about R-ed out!  One of our main projects has been the Home of Hope, a ministry home for victims of trafficking.  The Home of Hope project has started three weeks ago.  We had purchased a building before we left Moldova, but now we are remodeling: putting in windows, running sewer and electricity, and stuccoing the outside.  Our goal was to raise $80,000 to get it finished, but it looks like we underestimated!  So I am back to the starting line, trying to raise the last $30,000 to get the project finished.

Dsc_0059 Human trafficking is such an intense problem in our area of the world.  Hundreds of women have had their lives ruined, leaving the country with visions of good jobs, only to find themselves trapped, sold, and prostituted.  The post-traumatic syndrome is worse than that of a prisoner of war. 

April_15_2006_cojusna_280Our home will be a safe place for young women as they find them back in Moldova.  Whether 3 or 12 months, the Home of Hope will be there to restore lives.  From counselling to job skill training, prayer to mentoring, women's lives need a future.  Thanks to all who have been a part of the ministry in Moldova.

MK Trip

Dsc_0073 I just returned from Missoula, Montana.  Elissa came with me on this trip, with the purpose of one last fling with one of her best friends, Becca Lashway.  Becca is a MK (Missionary Kid) from Madagascar, so this is goodbye until 2011.  They are 14 days apart in age, understand the perspective of being an MK, and have all the same interests.  The tragedy is that they live a continent apart, without the possibility of seeing each other at retreats, i.e.

But they had fun!  And we had fun with the Daddy-Daughter time.  Dsc_0110
Dsc_0178 Dsc_0113_2