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We have internet!  We have internet!  We have internet!

We are almost out of coffee.

But we have internet!  We can finally email, and know what is going on in the world.

(Life is better today).

There is nothing like getting caught between a rock and a hard place
to force your hand. The last two days I have had my hand forced. I
have had to preach in Russian.

It was not easy, but both times, I showed up and the pastor expected
me to preach. There wasn't an interpreter in sight, so what could I
do? The first time was at youth camp, and we did it together (the
audience and me). I had to get help here and there, because I didn't
know the word I was supposed to use.

I hate being stuck like that. I think I have a perfectionist
personality, and it is hard jumping into preaching and not being
prepared. Both times were rather extemporaneous, with only a few
minutes to prepare. Yikes!

But I need to keep plowing ahead. I have to start working on my next

Another day in the jungle.

Actually life is feeling quite normal here. We have house, vehicles,
bank account and limited contact with the outside world. We have
many boxes unpacked, even if our only dressers and closets are
suitcases in a closet.

But we don't have internet yet!

I realize that I am creature of connection, and I love being wired
to the world. I don't spend hours on the computer. I have very few
webpages that I look at, and I never randomly surf the web. I like
reading my comics in the morning, sports scores at night, and the
ability to check out if there are any major world catastrophes. I
have a 15 minute routine of reading those few bits of information.

But internet means we can pay our bills, do business, update our
blogs, send emails and EVEN phone family.

For now, I am stuck with a irregular time of connection, as I drive
across town to send and receive emails. At least you know we are alive!

Staying semi-connected, Andy

We have arrived safely in Moldova, already six days into our next
four-year term. It feels good to be back, but we are still quite
overwhelmed with mounds of boxes and suitcases. Our house is still
being remodeled, so the living room and office are still off-limits.
Our hope is that within the week there will be a point of settling.

We are still unable to get internet at the house, since the phone
company has too old of hardware. I am seriously praying for a quick
resolve to that problem, so we can get online. It might be strange,
but being able to stay connected to the world via email is a huge
stress reduction. We do everything from banking to calling home via
the computer.

But I have noticed that:
1. I can still drive with the best of the Moldovans. Though I keep
in toned down, my driving is 10x more aggressive in Moldova!
2. Our languages have picked back up. Both Nancy and I are
understanding and communicating like we never left.
3. The youngest two girls have lost LOTS of language, and can't
understand anything yet. Give them a month though!
4. We have missed friends. It was so nice see people at the church
service yesterday. Friends!

Surviving fine in Moldova, Andy

We have arrived in Moldova, facing the season of chaos of resettlement.

Andy Raatz

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