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Stella's Home

Dsc_0004 We were getting bored with only 2 or 3 construction projects, so we started another this week!  Actually, we are helping Phillip Cameron ministries with their second Stella's Home, a transitional home for girls coming out of the state orphanage.  One of the great tragedies in Moldova is the state orphanage system. When girls turn 16, they are kicked out, whether they have family or not.  Obviously, this is an extremely dangerous  time.  In fact, many times traffickers are practically waiting outside the gate, ready to seduce a girl into "going with them for a great job overseas."  Often they are tipped off by workers in the orphanage!

Stella's Home will provide a safe home for first two years out of the orphanage.  This attacks the issue of trafficking from the preventative side, and we are so glad to be able to partner together.

I Am Not A Tourist

I was looking at our great Eurasia website this morning.  The I AM NOT A TOURIST website was done with excellence, and I love the idea behind it.  In our area of the world, we always face the challenge of connecting with people.  This ISN'T the cheapest ticket or the easier place to come to.  The languages aren't taught in a lot of schools.

But it needs the support and help of churches just the same.

We live in Moldova. 
My alarm clock is a rooster and donkey.
I face traffic jams of cows and sheep.
I have seen grandmas sprint across the road between traffic.
I squeeze between cars with two inches of space on each size.
Every time we go to a grocery store, SOMETHING will be out of stock.
There aren't 100 meters of level sidewalks.

I am not a tourist.


We celebrated yesterday!

We have been praying and waiting for our living permits.  Two days ago it wasn't looking good, with the man who grants those documents refusing to grant another.  He is the gatekeeper, and there isn't much we can do about it.

But Pavel called yesterday morning and gave the good news---we have the first document (the toughest).  Praise God! Thanks for praying.

Prayer Needs

We are in need of prayer.  We are currently working to get our living permits to work and minister in the Moldova.  It is NOT easy, and we could really use our prayers.  The lawyer has all the documents, but it rests on the shoulder of one man in a government.  We could use your prayers!

Pray that Pavel (the lawyer) will be granted favor.
Pray that all documents will go through smoothly.
Pray that our living permits will be granted....this month!


Natalie's Birthday

Natalie celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday.  It was a fun day, with friends, presents and lots of food.  And the best part of it now....another whole year until we have to here the minute by minute countdown to her next birthday!

Here are some of the photos from the day.


Last week we hosted the STL ambassador from Montana.  Speed the Light is a youth program of the  Assemblies of God that challenges teens to sacrifice for missions.  STL has helped us purchase a car for ministry, sound systems, etc.  With the big church planting vision, STL will be helping us with 10 new sound systems for church plants and evangelism. 

Keith Elder sends one youth a year to visit a missionary.  For each $100 a teen gives toward STL, they get their name entered into a drawing. At the youth convention, one name is drawn, sending that youth overseas.  We hosted Miranda and her youth pastor's wife, D'awn, to a visit of Moldova.  They brought friends Amanda and Tammy, just to make it more of an adventure.

We cannot say thanks enough to Speed the Light!