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I struggle often with the "too-much-to-do" syndrome.  There are some many needs in Moldova, and the next project, team, or opportunity lies right around the corner.  The wonderful team from Florida just left, and it seems like the days between their departure and the next arrival have zipped by incredibly fast.  We are already looking for the next arrival in two days. 

But for the moment I am content to stop myself for a moment and enjoy a couple days with the family.  We drove to Iasi, Romania on Monday, returning today (Wednesday).  We had some great times with the team, but just as important was the afternoon I had being lazy with the girls. Dsc_0038

Psalm 62 says that our soul will find rest in God alone.  What a great thought--only in Him can our soul find rest.  Though I need the time away from Moldova, need time with my family, it will only be in God that I find true rest.


Christ has risen!  He is risen indeed.

We are celebrating Moldova Easter today, and the day has started beautiful, sunny, and perfect!  It is a great day to remember the victory we have in Christ.