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Church Birthday

DSC_0151I celebrated at another church opening yesterday, this time in the village of Suvorovca.  It is a small village of 150 families, but they still need a witness of God's grace!  The church was finally able to finish the building (we helped with a couple thousand dollars to buy materials).  The message of God's provision was repeated over and over.

"We didn't know where we would get the next funds, but God provided...."

It is very humbling to know that the faithfulness of countless supports allowed a church to finish their building.  I didn't make calls, but simply took the money from out account.  I figure that people give their support in order for it to be placed into service, not so sit in a missions account. 

DSC_0159And we celebrated!  I preached my short message in Russian, 4 or 5 other leaders shared and preached, and the congregation prayed...and prayed...and sang...and sang.  It was a celebrated of God's faithfulness, a "birthday" celebration of the Lord's graciousness.

Thanks for your part in His work.

Opening Service

I am heading off to another opening service tomorrow, this time in the village of Suvorovca.  The church here has finally finished their building and we will celebrate the occasion.  A building is a HUGE deal here, since without it, the church is not "legitimate" to much of Moldova, and they are not allowed to meet in public facilities.  Renting is out of the picture, so this building is so important.

The church here built nearly all of it themselves, though I did help with $2000 towards the end.  That is a story repeated often...a little help to get them over the edge.  I have a church now needing $1000 to get the rest of the materials for the walls.  Another needs $3000 to get their foundation in (they are about to be kicked out of their current meeting place anytime.)

It is hard for me not to try and do something, anything.  I have no idea where the money will come from, but I can't just sit there! 

Just do it.

Another Round

I am starting my process to renew my living permit already.  I've only had the permit six months, but since I was originally granted the work permit beginning in October, my living permit started from that date also!  Arrggghhh!

So I went to the clinic today, room to room, giving blood, having my finger poked and milked for more blood, standing shirtless before some archaic x-ray machine/torture chamber....and paid my $20.  All for the privilege of staying in Moldova.

The hallways are full of people, but they are there to get OUT of Moldova, not come TO Moldova.  They need medical clearance so they can immigrate or work abroad.  They halls are crowded with people, all pushing and squeezing near the door.  Though it appears chaotic, they all go and get their place in line, and there is a strict protocol of asking who is last in line.  It is a zoo, actually. 

Half of the hurdle is jumped today.  On Friday, I return to get the last tests taken (I like the Psych one--Are you crazy?  No?  Ok, that will be 10 lei).  Then I am off the races, working on renewing our permit.  I would say it is smooth sailing, but such in life in Moldova.  And such is the life of a missionary.