A Bit of Chill

Writer's Block

I am struggling with my writing lately.  I am not sure if it is the myriad of details of ministry that continually are bouncing through my head.  Perhaps it is my reading (or lack thereof) that isn't putting thoughts into my head.  It might just be the distractions I face regularly, small things that derail me, pushing me off track.

My personality makes focusing a challenge at times.  I don't do well in long meetings, and can handle only so much talk.  I bounce from one job to the other, but I DO get them all done.  I don't do well sitting for long periods of time, but need to walk.

Yet I want to write, to create.  I enjoy the process and the result.  I enjoy crafting sentences and phrases, driving towards an idea that challenges and stimulates the reader. 

So if you have ideas for assistance, feel free to pass them on!


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