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I have a low grade fever of covetousness.  I have no idea if it is actually even worth it, but when I saw Amazon's new Kindle 2 advertised, the fever started!  If their reading device is even close to advertised, it would be the slickest thing I've seen.  Wow!  Click here to check in out. 

I am a voracious reader.  It is hard for me to decide what book(s) to bring along when flying.  I usually end up with too much weight simply because of books!

I know.  I know.  Advertisements are always better than the real thing.  I will no doubt come to my senses (the pricetag does that already), but it is always fun to dream.  My biggest question--is it actually any good?

Pastor's Conference

Last week I was blessed to spend time with our wonderful church leaders.  About 300 pastors gathered together for a week of sessions: a time of growing, a time to be challenged, a time of fellowship.  So often I think about the pastors and leaders that have left the country to immigrate elsewhere.  I've thought often "we are losing so many leaders!"  But as I sat among those 300 men, I realized that God is still calling and preparing pastors. 

I am blessed to work with men and women across the wonderful nation of Moldova.  My prayer is that God will call more to the harvest, for the need is still so enormous.  The harvest is ripe, but there are not enough workers.DSC_0016