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I am up in the middle of the night.  I already gave up the fight for sleep and decided that 3 am would be a nice time to get a few things accomplished!

We have now been in the US 30 hours.  We find ourselves in the state of trying to establish life here: hunting for a vehicle to buy, shopping for furniture to use this year, and getting things set for our one year of itineration.  We are trying to get some roots down--FAST.

Roots.  It is probably the key issue for us right now, the reason we have mixed feelings about returning to the US this year.  We love Moldova, and we have deep roots there.  Our relationships with the pastors is deep.  Our love and connections to the girls at Freedom Home is heavily invested. 

We have deep roots there.

But we also have strong relationships here in the US.  The girls are thrilled to see their cousins and friends again.  Nancy and I are looking forward to reconnecting with our family and friends as well.  We are going to enjoy a year of smooth roads and the ease of life in the US.  We look forward to rebuilding some roots here.

But we want to be there. 
And we want to be there.

This year of itineration will be different.  We've left deeper roots in Moldova, and a larger portion of our heart has never left.  But we are starved for time with you...our friends that we've missed. 

So if we sound rather multiple-personality about this whole year in the states, please understand.  No matter where we live now, Moldova or America, part of us still resides in the other. 

Perhaps that is the life of a follower of Christ anyway?  Always anticipating the "other side?"


We are only days away from our departure to the US for our year of itineration.  This is the stage of transition that I dislike the most.  I know we MUST leave, so I'd rather just get it over with and fly to the US!

But then I think of all the things we need to do and buy, I get overwhelmed.  I start building mental checklists (and some physical).  I keep thinking of:

1.  Car--somehow we need to buy a car or two, figure out how to finance it...all in 2 days?
2.  Cell phones--get a plan started up so we can get back into communication with everyone.
3.  Get our house set up with furniture, none of which we own at this time.  Shopping again...
4.  Mattresses--it would sure be nice to have beds eventually.
5.  Services--and on every weekend, start the itineration services!
6.  Clothes--since most of our clothes need to be burned (so wore out and old), I have to go clothes shopping, all without breaking the bank.
7.  Do a newsletter, write a e-letter, and get a photobook done.

OK.  Stop, I'll never get them all done.  Unless I start right now.


Transition has been the only thing on my mind as of late.  It is hard to NOT think of it, since we have spent the last month packing boxes, giving away excess, and prepping for our one year move to the US.  We have a lot of things still to do:  furnishing our house, getting vehicles, and scheduling services and meetings while in the US.  We are trying to close up shop here, transferring responsibilities to fellow team members and staff.

And we are trying to say good-bye. 

We learned a lot the last time.  I kept too busy before we left, and was pressed to say goodbye.  I know we are returning next summer, but there are many people that won't be here when we return.  Many friends will be leaving this country, both expats and Moldovans.  Last time we left Moldova, some of our closest friends decided to immigrate to America that year, leaving the week before we returned.

We've never seen them again.

Life is full of lots of goodbyes.  In our situation, that number is increased.  So much much many goodbyes.

The greatest danger is that I would become tired of trying.  I don't want to become so jaded that I don't bother to make friends anymore.  After all, why bother if I'm just going to say goodbye in a year!  But I keep fighting that desire, and I'll keep trying.

So there is one change that will continue.  We'll keep saying goodbye to friends....and we'll keep saying hello to new ones.  The transition of goodbyes is a constant, but I can also recognize the transition of hellos, new friends, and a list of friends now that are scattered around the world.  We are rich with friends...and about to get richer.