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Good Day

As we spend this year in the US, my life is one of constant motion.  My responsibilities are predominantly speaking, traveling from church to church, group to group, lunch to lunch.  I'm here to

REPORT on what God has been doing, sharing about the past 9 years. 
I am here to RAISE funds for the future, both the $4500 we need each month to support Freedom Home plus the variety of church projects we are working on. 
And I am also trying to RECONNECT with all my friends and family.  We feel the relational stretch from being gone from so many activities: weddings, birthdays, reunions. 

So services are wonderful.  Some are just OK.

But yesterday was a special day.  Not because of the location, though I thoroughly enjoyed the church in Austin.  Dave Simerson and the crew there have a wonderful church, and I enjoyed both services as well as lunch with friends. 

But it was special because Natalie came with me!  Every once in awhile, one of the girls sacrifices their chance for youth group and "their" church to come with me, listening to my stories for the 1000 time.  We had a great time...talking about salaries, vets, working at Coldstone (after we stopped for our afternoon treat), friends, Moldova, and music. 

I am not a missionary with a family.  We are five missionaries, each knowing that Moldova is where God has us for this moment of time.  We love the work, love the churches, and especially love the girls at Freedom Home. 

Thanks, Natalie, for being such a great daughter.



"Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness."

I read this verse this morning while traveling. That verb "pursue" seemed to leap off the page at me.  It is an intense word, full of a myriad of connections.

Years ago, I “pursued” my wife, interested in getting to know her more.  For years, my Novembers were filled with hours of pursuit for antlers and furs.  I've pursued a good sale, a good investment, and an old book.

But Paul admonished us to pursue a godly character.  I think he knew what was truly important.

If I gain all the money, all the fame, or all the knowledge, but not know Christ, I have pursued the wrong thing.

My prayer this morning has been simply for strength to make sure my greatest pursuit with be God, knowing the Father, Son, and Spirit more today than yesterday. 

Today, I will chase after Him.