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I have been getting the question a lot lately--"How is your support?"

As most of you know, our missions organization schedules us to be back in the US one year every 5 or 6 years.  We spend this year reconnecting to churches and supporters, sharing about the value of missions, and raising support for the next few years.  It is valuable both for the personal connection time and for the financial reporting and raising.

But I struggle with the question! 

How is our support?  Great...and with huge voids yet.  We have our pledges to go back, but the work takes a lot more.  We have our tickets purchased, August 28.  We have our clearance to go.

But I know the financial load, mostly with Freedom Home.  We need about $4000 per month yet to operate it.  Praying for 12 churches or individuals to take a month.  Or for 40 churches to add a $100 pledge for monthly support.

BUT...we will go on, and we WILL be continually amazed how God provides.

For with God...we have plenty of support!