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I recently wrote in my latest e-letter about our upcoming change.  Taking the role of area director gives me a lot of mixed feelings.

There is a sense of loss because we love Moldova, the churches, pastors, and fellow missionaries.  We REALLY love the girls and their kids at Freedom Home.

There is a sense of excitement because we know that God confirmed this path.  We are excited because people are people, and there is incredible need and incredible opportunity in Russia and Belarus for ministry. 

We will still be moving to Moldova on Friday (a slight delay of plans due to an embassy holding our passports too long).  We will work to transition all we can the rest of this year.  Then we will take the next six to eight months traveling into Russia, visiting with all the missionaries there, church leaders, etc.  Sometime in 2013, we'll hopefully have figured out where to move, then we'll move to Russia.

Nancy will still stay connected to Freedom Home for a few years, mentoring the staff and assisting when needed.  We're already dreaming and moving toward another home in Odessa, working in partnership with a church and pastor from Russia!

And together with the missionaries on the field, we'll pray and dream for opportunities to raise up teams to go where the Church is not going, reach those they aren't reaching, and do what they aren't doing!

And we really don't know what is ahead.  God promised to be a path in front of us, not high beams shining a mile down the road.  It's time to trust.