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Finally, Part 2

I just sent my e-letter out, and I'm writing additions to the letter that I didn't have space to fit in!

FINALLY...that word means a lot.

It comes when God finally brings a vision to reality.
It comes when we see the miracle we've waiting so long for.
It comes when we see God's direction, or sense Jesus' presence.
It comes when the Holy Spirit brings a sense of revival to our hearts.

 In my e-letter, I wrote about saying finally as we staked out the building for New Life.  I think back to 5 or 6 years ago, when a team from Oregon and Montana came and whipped up the "temporary" building for Viatsa Noua (New Life church).  We had dreamed for the day when the permanent building could be built.

I had no idea when or if, but got a call a few months ago about a gift that took that dream from Way In The Future to NOW.  Now I'm praying it will be enought to get in done...and finished...and open.  It might now get the entire thing complete, but we are going to get the main structure done!

The other finally's I'm dreaming for:

  • Leova...another of our COHEU Adopt-a-Community homes.  The church had some tough things happen in the past and was really knocked down.  Dan is the pastor of the church, a nice guy, but I'm praying for another church to come alongside him.  I'm dreaming for a church of 200, reaching the kids and youth in that town and going ministry that makes it the most important church in town!
  • University students...I'm dreaming that God helps Viatsa Noua use their building, and that someone with a big vision, starts a Friday night or Saturday night student service there.  I'm dreaming for 400 students each service, from a variety of churches.  A church that is drawing to the 100,000 university students that know NOTHING about Jesus.
  • House of Prayer...a new dream, of only a week.  After a week with IHOP here, using Viatsa Noua's temporary building for a week of prayer and worship.  Around 10 other churches, from all denominations, met together, sharing the load and leading prayer and worship.  Could we dream that it starts a movement of unity and prayer?
  • And now I'm starting to dream for Russia and Belarus.  I'm dreaming that God will raise up scores of workers that are willing to go to the hard places of Russia, the unreached areas that have NO church.  I'm starting to dream for a large number (I'm still holding that number privately!).
  • And I am dreaming for some champions who would help with the start of the Freedom Home Odessa, and someone who will start Freedom Home Russia (could we say multiple homes in Russia?)

What are some things you've been waiting for?  What are some finally's you've been able to say in the last few months?