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We are flying back home to Moldova on Friday, only three days from the day I'm writing this post.  It's been a month in the US, and we are all ready to be home.  We came for the World Missions Summit, then needed to add time to get our Russia visas.  We filled the time with services and visits to supporters and friends.

But we are ready to get home.

Or temporary home.

It seems strange to me as I realized "home" for us is now in the temp stage.  With the new changes in responsibilities, it also means letting go of our current situation as we take on new challenges.  We will be moving away from Moldova, the home we've known so well.  Our house is comfortable, we know our situation and neighbors, and we've loved it there. 

It will be hard to say goodbye. 

I think the part of waiting that is the toughest is the unknown.  I'm looking forward to moving to St. Petersburg, but I'll be REALLY willing to go once we find a place, or at least know if a decent place is available.  I'm praying for a home, not a big house.  I'd just love a place that has a yard to sit outside, a place for the dog to run.  Big, small, separate or townhome....just a home.

We have a lot to do in the months ahead.  I'm just waiting for a sense of being settled!