The switch has not been many months, but I am starting to get excited.  The needs are enormous.  The possibilities are immense.

But God is so much bigger.

DSC_3045I just got back from a week-long trip to Russia, traveling to Krasnodar and to Khabarovsk.  I met with our workers in both places, hearing their hearts and their vision.  We have wonderful servants, experienced workers doing all they can to make a difference.

Yes, they are human.  They face challenges, experience discouragement, and fight opposition.

But they are survivors. 

Russia has chewed on them, but they still stand.  Their love and heart for Russia comes through.  And we are dreaming together. 

First Dream:

With so many unreached peoples groups still in Russia, and the IMMENSE distances involved in just that one country, I'm praying for some teams that will go into the tough places and work together to plant the Church.

My first prayer is for an mature, creative-thinking, entrepreneur-type leader that is relational, passionate, and team-building.  With the right leaders in place, we can add a myriad of individuals, each with their own giftings and skills.

What if four to six people decided to give six to ten years to one of those tough areas?  If they can and started studying Russian, building relationships, praying intently, and discipling those that come to Christ. 

What if they started a church that became a community center, a place of healing and helps, and where the Church had a reputation for care and concern for the whole person?

At times, I feel the enormity of the task.  I am amazed at the workers we have serving already, but we are so undermanned for the needs ahead.   Now I'm starting to dream about the next group that is about to come.

Dreaming that the Lord of the Harvest will send Russia more workers.



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