With the switch to the new responsibility in Russia, I have found that one task that has been laid aside was my writing.  The learning curve has been steep, and I've still not learned the scheduling for time with my new travel demands.

My goal in 2014 is to amend that. IMG_3648

In fact, as I am working through my goals for 2014, writing has topped the list.  There are many aspects of leadership and vision-casting that are gripping, but personally, I realize that writing is an avenue for me to do both of those is some fashion.

I view communication as one of my key tasks as area director for Russia and Belarus.  I need to make people aware of Russia and Belarus, of the incredible need and the immense opportunities, and of our desire to see workers called to serve here.

I am praying for a dozen solid, mature leaders that can lead church-planting teams.
I am praying for at least two people with a passion to pastor International Churches in our major cities.
I am praying for 100 workers that will come and be a part of a team.
I am praying for the Minikels to raise more support even while they have this year or two in Moldova, so they will be able to come and serve with us in Russia.
I am praying for someone to come and be the needed voice at Freedom Home Moldova.
I am praying for someone in the church in Russia to rise up and desire to start a similar work here.

I know that we are only called to do that which God has enabled us.  That is why my prayers are for more workers.  To accomplish big tasks, it will take many people, solid support, and hundreds (and thousands) interceding for miracles.

Until tomorrow.



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