Parenting From a Distance

It is Friday night in St. Petersburg. I am sitting in our living room, writing these few thoughts while Natalie and Lauren sleep in the other room. The house is quiet, the city is slowing down, and the rain showers start and stop upon the hour.

998241_10200522364526350_299835610_nAt the same time, Nancy and Elissa are working in a dorm room at Evangel University. This is move-in day for the freshmen. The two of them have spent the last few days getting the last few details for Elissa: shopping at Target, stocking up on clothes hangars, buying a mini-fridge, and collecting enough decorative pillows to smother Elissa while she sleeps.

This is the interesting part of being a missionary--6000 miles from my daughter's college dorm.

It is an interesting day for me in this, and have a lot of thoughts.

  1. Trust--for trust is good. I have total trust in Elissa, her wisdom and discretion, and her ability to thrive at university.
  2. Anxiety--I know that she will be having some anxiety herself over the next few days. That mixture of being in a social "heaven" for my little extrovert will not dull the anxiety of being in something totally new.
  3. Confusion--not sure how I should feel. The reality hasn't hit me yet, since Nancy is gone too. I am thinking this is just an extended camp, and instead of being gone a week, it will be 8 weeks until I see her again. That sure beats a whole semester, but we've never been apart for that long before.
  4. Wisdom--the last thought is in my lack of wisdom, and my desperate need for it. I need wisdom to comfort the other two girls as they miss their big sister. I need wisdom how to stay connected via technology, and help Elissa to solve her own problems. I need wisdom to now parent from a distance.

I guess there is one more thought--pride. I'm proud of my girl. She has grown into a young woman that is full of cheer, full of life, full of faith. She will do fine, and perhaps it is me that needs to feel her connection and love from that same long distance.

I may be parenting from a LONG distance now, but I know the Heavenly Father has it in His control. 

Even so, praying for peace for the two and we enter the next stage of life.


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